• Follow-up and prevention of structural behaviour
  • Automated and permanent operation
  • Pertinent and suitable information
  • System is discreet, out of public view and non-invasive


  • Cost effective
  • Very important gains: 90% of all tested works are reparable
  • Optimization of the maintenance budget
  • Better management and planning of heavy engineering works
  • Rehabilitation only when actually required
  • Better investment planning (cost savings in refinancing)


  • Offers a complete snapshot of the continual scan of the works
  • Uses only the most recent state-of-the-art optical and electronic technologies
  • Real-time diagnostics of static and dynamic readings
  • Saves and manages all data information
  • Automatically alerts the managers responsible for the engineering works

Sustainable Development

  • Materials and energy cost savings, as well as on maintenance works and repairs
  • No noise, visual or electromagnetic pollution
  • Preservation of structures and assets protection for future generations
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to the weight of all preserved structures

Reliability and References

  • Over 20 years of state-of-the-art and reliable experience worldwide
  • Over 1000 building owners have trusted or currently work with OSMOS
  • Covering all types of engineering works, from the wood footbridge at the Eiffel Tower to the passageway on the Champlain Bridge
  • Acclaimed demand in constant expansion

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