Preserve our assets for future generations

Who we are…

Monitoring engineering is a way to prevent risks and to optimise investments.

How does a structure react, subjected to an acting force (wind, rain, soil movement, supporting works, temperature effects, etc.)? Previously, we assumed the state of our infrastructures, beginning with the simplest of criteria or by theoretical model calculations, with all their uncertainty, due to the absence of a permanent monitoring system to detect the possibility of future damages.

Today we have reliable technology. OSMOS puts forward the right measures at the right moment in time. It is the opportunity to confidently foresee how we can preserve our assets for future generations.

OSMOS Canada prefers prevention and long-term planning; this is rather more a perspective of sustainable development than short-term management.

Preserve our assets

  • Extending the bridge’s life cycle by one year can reduce emissions equivalent to its own weight in CO2
  • 90% of engineering works are restorable
  • In 10 years, Groupe OSMOS has helped clients save the equivalent of $5.6 Billion