Client Testimonials

Completed Projects

“The city of Montreal has an inventory in excess of 600, including bridges, overpasses and underground passages, retaining walls and pedestrian footbridges. These structures are subject to severe conditions such as freezing and thawing and the use of road salt. The rehabilitation of these works today is a tall order. To accomplish this, our expertise is needed on a regular basis to examine and determine precisely the damage to these works. In certain cases, the traditional and non-destructive methods of study are not sufficient and the parameters used for the structural calculations could lead to costly decisions when complete reconstruction remains the only option.

On two occasions, we called upon OSMOS technology in order to measure the integrity of the overpass loading. In one case, the city limited circulation to light vehicles which left a difficult situation for heavy vehicles in that sector. Loading tests and the follow-up with OSMOS technology integrity services allowed for the validation of the overpass’s structural capacity and its eventual reopening to heavy vehicles. I must underline the efficiency and competence of the OSMOS team on these projects.”

Richard Morin, Eng., M.Sc.A.
Manager, City of Montreal
Infrastructure, transport & environment services
Project Director
Technical Support and Expertise Division


“Within the framework of the Youville Square project rehabilitation in Montreal a 1.1 meter fill had to be installed above the old William Collector Sewer, a structure classified as an historic monument. We undertook this project with much care as there was no margin for error. The OSMOS technology properly analysed the collector integrity but also allowed to identify the weaker sections of the collector. Thanks to the technology and to its team of professionals, OSMOS Canada permitted us to resolve inconsistencies and to guarantee with certainty the need for certain rehabilitation works worth several million dollars. We truly thank the OSMOS team”

Louis L’espérance
Director-Construction, City of Montreal


“The Champlain Bridge is a critical access point to the Montreal city center. With traffic circulation of over 200,000 vehicles per day, the Corporation wanted to impart State-of-the-Art technology, such as OSMOS technology to survey the complex works’ structural integrity.

Since 2005, OSMOS technology has been installed on several sections of the bridge. This one allowed us to follow deformations in real-time and to connect this to an intervention protocol managed by the OSMOS alarm system. We thank the OSMOS team for having allowed us to acquire additional structural behaviour information considered normal for the bridge.”

Guy Mailhot, Eng.
Director – Engineering
Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc.


“The St. Hyacinthe Housing Centre Auditorium was built in the mid 19th century. The theoretical calculations of the floor bearing capacity limited the use of this large room.

A load test with OSMOS optical strands on the beams and joists allowed the evaluation of real stresses on the floor systems. The results exceeded our expectations and thanks to this test the auditorium found itself being used to its full potential without any expensive reinforcement work.”

Serge Patry, Eng. and Stéfanie Papineau, Eng.
Project Leaders
St. Hyacinthe, Hotel Dieu Housing Center