Fields of Action

Products and Services

Over the years, OSMOS Group has developed an expertise in various fields. Since 2005, this expertise has been shared with OSMOS Canada, who in turn, has contributed greatly in enriching the Group’s client portfolio.

Road works (bridges, overpasses, footbridges…)

  • Live loads and frequency
  • Loads due to temperature variants, foundation behaviour and other affecting forces
  • Component surveillance: prestressed elements, supports, piles, spans
  • Analysis of specific site problems for known or unknown causes.
  • Residual service life estimation

Railway works

  • Ballast stability
  • Load increases in heavy traffic and vibration measurements.
  • Monitoring of covered railway station structure
  • Fatigue load spectrum on railways


  • Load spectrum for expected useful life estimates.
  • Load capturing for command controls
  • Expansion stresses on pipelines, silos, cranes
  • Vibration monitoring

Historic Buildings

  • Non-destructive monitoring of historic works
  • Evolution of crack changes on damaged structures
  • Impact on land improvement operations

Hydraulic Engineering

  • Stability of locks
  • Monitoring of dams and dikes
  • Stability of deteriorating parts, such as the lock-gates.

Towers, wind turbines

  • Monitoring of the foundations’ stability
  • Load variations in the tower and junctions
  • Monitoring of revolving components (rotors, bearings, reducers)
  • Vibration monitoring

Geotechnical Structures

  • Stability of piles
  • Stability of backfill and slopes
  • Tunnel formwork convergence
  • Ground cave-in

Underground Infrastructures (Parking, Waterworks, Subway, Traffic Corridors…)

Large commercial and residential buildings