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Safety first…

Monitoring engineering, preventative management and infrastructures monitoring are the wave of the future. OSMOS Canada makes it possible to carry out a snapshot of ongoing works in order to determine its state, structural integrity and external influences. It then becomes possible to predict appropriate action to be taken at the right time-frame and the right cost, while ensuring the safety of its users, while making it possible to prolong the useful life of the structure.

OSMOS Canada offers precise and reliable diagnostic tools. Each job is evaluated by traditional methods, combined with innovative technology which allows, not only for calculations and data collection, but most importantly an analysis of the structural integrity at any given moment (real-time).

OSMOS technology is the only option for measuring the static and dynamic effects of any type of structure, all with the same equipment. One can foresee the controlled structural integrity. This technology, contrary to a theoretical model, does not only make it possible to determine how works should evolve, but rather how in reality, it actually does. This therefore allows for proper risk management decision making before major catastrophic consequences occur. That is why this is an investment worth making.

  • • Knowing in real-time the state of structures being monitored offers true piece of mind.

Risk Management

OSMOS Canada enables the remote monitoring of buildings and installations. On a computer monitor, a patented “dashboard” provides whatever information a user wishes regarding the condition of the structure involved. The raw data which have been collected are converted and formatted to provide an easy-to-read graphic display. The user can read all of the information as if on a dashboard, quickly and without difficulty, thus eliminating the need for elaborate interpretations of the data collected. Nonetheless, all of the required raw data can be called up for detailed analysis, if the user desires. The parameters to be displayed are determined in advance. Thus, for example, wind gauges or hygrometers can be integrated as well. The system is open-ended with respect to the selection of a very wide range of measurement parameters and guarantees continuous surveillance – regardless of location and without impairing normal use of the structure involved.

tableau de bord

Dashboard display of measurement results.

Evaluation of the data may be carried out by OSMOS Canada or directly by the client, via Internet. At the client’s request, OSMOS Canada experts shall regularly supply structure behaviour reports and analyses.

OSMOS : a precious tool in decision making

Which Risks? Why Monitoring? What are the Benefits?
Errors in design Proof Expert’s report on conflicting elements
Construction defects Finding and mitigating anomalies Scientifically objective explanations
Surpassed loads Anticipate and plan Intervention, without critical conditions
Defects in follow-up Planning and programming Reinvest intelligently and at the best time-frame
Unfounded worries Risk management Reassure the users and the public, while prolonging the service life of the works (as is necessary)