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The OSMOS safety concept is a comprehensive solution which always stays affordable and is in any event well worth the investment. OSMOS Canada offers more than just an innovative technology; it offers a unique and personalized expertise, integrating risk management with its technology. It all begins with the drawing-up of the client’s individual surveillance concept. Here, the objectives, measurement methods, technological equipment and the desired level of services are defined. Only afterwards can the OSMOS system be configured and put in place at strategic locations on the structure.

If the client so desires, OSMOS Canada will also provide the long-term and regular analysis and interpretation of the recorded data. The client concludes a services contract with OSMOS which enables the client to outsource monitoring tasks in their entirety. There is no further need for training and planning time for one’s own staff. At the same time, OSMOS guarantees the continuity of the building surveillance. Routine reporting provides graphic and condensed information on the basis of which decisions can be made.

Areas of deployment:

  • Industrial Structures
  • Historic Buildings
  • Railway Works
  • Road works (bridges, overpasses, footbridges…)
  • Hydraulic Engineering (dams, water retention works…)
  • Geotechnical Structures
  • Towers, Wind turbines
  • Mines
  • Plants and industrial machinery
  • Underground infrastructures (parking, aqueduc, subways, pedestrian network …)
  • Large commercial and residential buildings